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Eve Taylor - Skin Care

Eve Taylor is the founder of the institute of clinical aromatherapy and is regarded as the pioneer of modern aromatherapy by professional skincare therapists worldwide. In 1968 Eve Taylor launched the first professional aromatherapy skin care line to contain only pure natural essential oils without cheap synthetic filters. These highly concentrated oils are so potent that they are still only available for use of trained therapists. The facial treatments at The Beauty Salon are from Eve Taylors "Professionals Only" range. The products are in these groups:


SOOTHING - For sensitive and dry skin requiring softer, moisture rich regime


BALANCING - For mixed and combination skin


PURIFYING - For skin that has a blemished or problem nature and requires a more clearing effect


AGE RESIST - For those looking to target anti-ageing. These products are perfect for use where skin requires a more refined functionality and protective effect to help reduce the visible signs of aging



This facial commences with a consultation to talk about any concerns you may have with your skin. A double cleanse of the skin removes make up and clears the skin, followed by a toner and gentle exfoliation.  A suitable treatment oil is applied and facial massage is carried out. A peelable masque is applied. While the masque is on a hand/arm massage is performed. Once the masque is removed, moisturiser and a refining eye gel is applied to complete the treatment.



This facial features a skin analysis, followed by a double cleanse of the skin to remove the make up and clear the skin, gentle exfoliation, a suitable treatment oil and a non setting masque matched to the clients skin type. The facial is completed with an appropriate moisturiser and refining eye gel.



The facial combats the effects of cold weather and central heating with its hydrating and barrier repairing facial.  Leaving the skin supple, nourished and protected from the harsh elements.  The facial relieves skin from redness irritation and dryness during the winter season and is ideal for all skin types and conditions.  ​

Radio Frequency

  • Non-invasive lifting

  • Stimulation of Collagen

  • Deep wrinkle reduction

  • Skin Firming

The usual temperature of the skin is between 34˚C -38˚C The skin is heated to 40˚C.  Skin damage occurs at 48˚C

By heating the skin we can treat the laxity by facial tightening.  It is the best treatment for mild-moderate sagging facial tissue usually around the age 30-50 for any skin colour.

The immediate and the long term effects of treatment

  • Higher capacity of oxygen and nourishment for the cells

  • Activates cellular metabolism

  • Filler effect of wrinkles

  • Lifting effect by contraction of collagen fibres.

  • Skin tightening by heating up the deep layers of the skin.  It stimulates the collagen causing it to tighten and plum.  The results show healthier, smoother and toned skin.

By means of a sophisticated electronic system, heat can be transferred deep down without damaging the epidermis.  The result is a more supple, younger looking skin. The treatment causes a slight sensation of heat.

The skin feels tighter but results are not immediate.  The improved appearance of the skin is gradual and will become more noticeable as the weeks go by.  The maximum effect will be seen as long a 4 months after treatment.

Each Treatment lasts for 45 minutes - 20 minutes of Radio Frequency followed by a light face masque and appropriate moisturiser.

The best result will be obtained from a course of 10 treatments spaced at minimum 7-10 days apart



This treatment is an intense exfoliation and resurfacing of the skin performed in a safe and controlled way. An ultra fine jet of abrasive crystals gently removes the dead skin layer by layer. A vacuum action lifts always the debris. This stimulates the blood flow and encourages the formation of elastin and collagen, resulting in a firmer looking and revitalised, youthful looking skin. It is an ideal treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage and dull and tired looking skin. The treatment lasts for 45 minutes. 

Effects are usually seen following the first treatment and with a course of treatments further improvements seen week after week. Contact the salon to book your consultation.

Gel Nails

Magpie Gel Colours

Magpie Gel Colours are designed for 3 week wear, highly pigmented soak-off gel polish. They have been designed to offer excellent coverage without any shrinkage or wrinkling.  They have an extremely tacky inhibition layer to work perfectly with Magpie Glitter. Magpie Gel Colour is 100% gel, not a hybrid product meaning long lasting, strong colour coverage for natural nails & enhancements.  It is easily removed in just 10 minutes.

Phd Waxing System

PhD stands for "Professional, Hygienic,Disposable" The tube application is the safest wax system reducing the possibility of cross contamination between clients. As well as being hygienic it is quick and easy with a less painful hair removal  for the client.

Kim Lawless Waxing 

Kim Lawless Waxing is excellent for more sensitive areas of skin and for areas where the hairs are more coarse.  It is a Hot wax and considered less painful as the heat of the wax opens up the pores and the the hair follicles allowing easier hair removal.  This system of waxing is used for Intimate areas. 

Please note that we currently offer Intimate Waxing for Women only.


Skin Smoothing Salt Scrub

Skin Smoothing Salt Scrub is a 45 minute, full body treatment.  Using Eve Taylor products, the scrub removes cellular debris and dull skin.  The treatment leaves the skin soft, smooth and polished. 

Anti-Wrinkle Relaxant Injections

Allergan Anti-wrinkle Relaxant injections are carried out by an advanced practicioner.  Up to 3 areas can be treated.  Please call the salon for dates and availablity.


Juvederm Ultra Dermal filler treatments carried out by an advanced practicioner.  Please call the salon for dates and availability.


UK Callus Peel 

Get your feet flip flop ready with this treatment.


The UK Callus Peel treatment is a simple four step process for easy and quick callus removal using over 99% of natural ingredients. 

The treatment is suitable for everyone including Diabetics and during Pregnancy, except the Aftercare Cream which contains a small element of Essential Oils.


The UK Callus Peel is produced in the UK


Combine this treatment with a file and paint for a perfect finish.

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